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Noeli Zanon recebe Luciano Zafir.  Pic



Lady Gaga


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Exebition at:

Marriot Hotel & Resorts

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Noeli Zanon

Opening Reception

Saturday June 23rd
6:00-9:00 pm

Seyhoun Gallery

9007  melrose ave,
west Hollywood ca  ca 90069



Noeli Zanon

Opening Reception

Art Exhibition: Art + Soul

Friday June 29TH         6:00-11:00PM

9503 Jefferson blvd,     Culver City, CA


Noeli Zanon
Opening Reception
June 7th, 2007
at 6pm - 8pm
Visit the Brazilian Consulate Gallery
Noeli Zanon with  Thereza Maria Machado Quintella (Consul).

Inpiration, expression and creativity throught paintings has reflected the life and the passions of Noeli Zanon.



   Each work of Noeli Zanon is unique.  It presents itself in its own language that is like a mirror of the artist's moment or motivation. 




Modern &

Contemporary Arts


Noeli uses to visit the Homes of her customers and feel what kind of work will better help the harmony with the spaces they are going to occupy.

   The flowing of the colors inside the desired theme is one of the things that give deepness to the works of  Noeli Zanon. 

  There are times when the color is not a crude necessity of logic and symmetry but on the contrary is induced as a part of the emotion that flows during the birth of a newly conceived canvas a newly received message.

In this way and working with freedom

- in formats and colors -

she can paint canvas that fit harmoniously in the spaces and in the desire of her customers.